Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Opto-electronic Sensor-based Monitoring in Geo-engineering


Edited by Bin Shi, Nanjing University, Nanjing, China
Theme: Opto-electric Monitoring Technology and Its Application in Linear Engineering

Keynote Lectures

  • Multiscale aspects of monitoring geo-engineering structural systems: theory and methodology-G. C. Sih (1)

  • Using distributed Brillouin sensor to predict pipe deformation with carbon coated fibers-X.Y. Bao, C.S. Zhang, W.H. Li, F. Ozkan, M. Mohareb (9)

  • Recent progress in Brillouin distributed fibre sensing-L. Thévenaz, M. Niklès (12)

  • Distributed optic-fiber sensing monitoring of cracks and its application to lineal structural engineering-H.W Liu (20)

  • Recent examples of applied fibre optic sensors in geo-technical areas to evaluate and monitor structural integrity -W.R. Habel, K. Krebber, N. Dantan, M. Schallert, D. Hofmann (27)

  • Performance evaluation of electrical strain gauges and optical fiber sensors in field soil nail pullout tests --J.H. Yin, H.H. Zhu, Jin W, A.T. Teung, L.M. Mak (36)

  • New linear sensors with hybrid carbon fibers -Z.S. Wu, C.Q. Yang (42)

  • Deducing deformation profile in tunnel lining based on Brillouin strain measurement technology-K.T. Chang, J.F. Wang, L. Thêvenaz (50)

State-of-the-Art Reports

  • Field applications of strain and temperature fiber optic sensors-D. Inaudi (55)
  • Real-time measurement of soil shear profiles with distributed optical sensing probe-M.D. Todd, L.A. Overbey (62)
  • Basic composition of strain type fiber Bragg grating sensor-C. Li, Z. Wan, J.C. Xu, X. Xiong, Y.N. Li, J.H. Zhou (69)
  • New landslide monitoring technique using optical fiber sensor at landslide, Japan-K. Higuchi, K. Fujisawa, K. Asai (73)
  • Landslide Prediction using Real-time monitoring technology and the TRS sensor-K.T. Chang, D. Mothersille, T. Barley, A. Ho, J.F. Wang (77)
  • Distributed monitoring of the slope engineering-B. Shi, H.B. Sui, D. Zhang, B.J. Wang, G.Q. Wei, C.D. Piao (81)

Technical Papers

  • Monitoring and analysis on huge pile axial stress by BOTDR-T.H. Zhou, J.X. Song (87)
  • Fibre optic pressure sensor for geotechnical applications-R. Correia, J. Li, E. Chehura, S. Staines, S.W. James, R.P. Tatam (91)
  • Construction geology forecast and monitor measure of Ba Ling River Bridge’s anchor tunnel- Q.S. Shang, C.S. Li (96)
  • Study on application of interferometric distributed optical fiber sensing technology for the oil and gas pipeline pre-warning system -M.J. Gao, S.H. Jiao, J.Q. Zhang, M. Ni (100)
  • Improvement of spatial resolution in strain measurement with BOTDR by snalyzing strain distribution curve-F. Wang, X.P. Zhang, R.R. Dou, Y.G. Lu (105)
  • Analysis on the signal processing of Brillouin backscattered signals in DFT-based Brillouin optical time-domain reflectometer -R.R. Dou, Y.G. Lu, X.P. Zhang, F. Wang (110)
  • OTDR-based cracking measuring techniques for concrete-D.W. Huang, J.W. Zhao, Y.Zhang (115)
  • A study on several key problems in tunnel construction monitoring with FBG -G.Q. Wei, B. Shi, S. Hu, K. Li, J.H. Yin (118)
  • The application of distributed fiber optic sensing technique into the bored pile detection -C.D. Piao, B. Shi, G.Q. Wei, Y.Q. Zhu, D. Zhan, B.J. Wang (125)
  • Jacket effect on strain measurement accuracy for distributed strain sensors based on Brillouin scattering-Y. Ding, B. Shi, X.Y. Bao (133)
  • Influence of coating and jacket of distributed fiber optical fiber sensor on strain measurement-J.Q. Gao, W. Zhang, B. Shi (139)
  • An experimental study on the measuring characteristics of BOTDR for structure health monitoring-Z.S. Wu, B. Shi, H. Takao, I. Tuyoshi, B. Xu (144)
  • Signal processing of the fiber optic BOTDR sensor based on wavelet analysis-H.Z. Xu, B. Shi, D. Zhang, Y. Ding, H.L. Cui, Z.S. Wu (150)
  • Research on large engineering monitoring system using distributed optical fiber sensor based on GIS-W.B. Suo, B.J. Wang, B. Shi, J. Liu (154)
  • Tunne1 structural health monitoring system and fiber optic sensing technology-Y. Ding, B. Shi, H.B. Sui (159)
  • The BOTDR-based strain monitoring for tunnel-D. Zhang, B. Shi, H.Z. Xu (165)
  • Monitoring of the arch rings deformation in the No. 3 tunnel of Bainijing with BOTDR based strain measurement technique-Y. Ding, B. Shi, Y. Sun, Y.G. Zhao (170)
  • Numerical simulation analyses on stability of the No.3 tunnel of Bainijing in Kunming by FLAC3D-C.B. Wu, B. Shi, Y. Sun, Y.G. Zhao (175)
  • Distributed measurement of the pile based on optical fiber sensing technology-B. Shi, X.K. Yu, W. Zhang, W.B. Suo, J. Liu (179)
  • Experimental study of foundation pit monitoring using BOTDR-based on distributed optical fiber sensor-J. Liu, B. Shi, D. Zhang, H.B. Sui, W.B. Suo (186)
  • Measurements of optical fiber strain in structural analogue modeling experiments-G.A. Xie, D. Jia, X.J. Wu, D. Zhang, B. Shi, Z. Liu (191)
  • BOTDR optic fiber temperature monitoring technique and its application in civil engineering-H.L. Cui, B. Shi, H.Z. Xu, D. Zhang, Y. Ding (197)
  • Monitoring and application of distributed optical fiber sensors in transient temperature field of frozen soil-W. Zhang, B. Shi, W.B. Suo, Y. Cai, B.J. Wang (202)
  • Distributed optical fiber sensor based on BOTDR and its application to structural health monitoring-D. Zhang, B. Shi, Z.S. Wu, H.Z. Xu, Y. Ding, H.L. Cui (208)
  • Experimental study on the deformation monitoring of reinforced concrete T-beam using BOTDR-D. Zhang, B. Shi, H.Z. Xu, J.Q. Gao, H. Zhu (213)
  • Monitoring the stress of the post-tensioning cable using fiber optic distributed strain sensor-J.Q. Gao, B. Shi, W. Zhang, H. Zhu (218)
  • The strain field method for structural damage identification using Brillouin optical fiber sensing-W. Zhang, B. Shi, Y.F. Zhang, J. Liu, Y.Q. Zhu (227)
  • Health monitoring of rehabilitated concrete bridges using distributed optical fiber sensing-W. Zhang, J.Q. Gao, B. Shi, H.L. Cui, H. Zhu (235)

Technical Documents

  • Introduction of CEMOES-(249)